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Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed

Pwyll, the First Branch of the Mabinogi (now anthologized in the Broadview Anthology of British Literature), is full of daunting names, starting with that of Pwyll himself. We realize that not everyone is comfortable reading International Phonetic Alphabet transcriptions, and that written pronunciation guides are often ambiguous, if someone is entirely new to the language. Nevertheless, we believe that being able to comfortably pronounce the names in Pwyll makes it more enjoyable to read and discuss the text. So here are .mp3 recordings of the personal names and toponyms in Pwyll. Recommend this page to your colleagues, students, and friends! Click on a name in the lists below to hear the pronunciation. The names marked MW are forms you will encounter if you are reading the text in the original Middle Welsh. The recordings are by Dr Aled Llion Jones.



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