Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) 

How to Search the Online CSANA Bibliography


1. Click on the "Search the CSANA Bibliography" icon.

2. At the prompt, type in the characters, word or phrase that you want searched. Separate search terms by a space. The search tool will retrieve all bibliographic entries which include all the words or character strings.

        Any word(s) or phrase(s) can be used to search the bibliography. You are not restricted to specific keywords.

        Suggested words and phrases for searching include:

You may use more than one key word or phrase to further limit your search. For example:

3. When the computer completes its search, a message will appear on the screen telling you how many times your search word or phrase occurs in the bibliography.

If your search word or phrase was found, the computer will tell you how many times it occurs, for example: "4 hits"

"0 hits" means the word or phrase was not found in the bibliography. Try a different word or alternative spelling of the name you are searching.

4. The symbol *** in a bibliography entry indicates missing information. If you are able to provide the missing bibliographic information, please send it to Professor Joseph F. Nagy at jfnagy@humnet.ucla.edu. Thank you.    


PLEASE CONTACT US c/o jfnagy@humnet.ucla.edu
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