The Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA) embraces all aspects of Celtic Studies and provides a forum that is unavailable in a discipline- or area-based organization. Our members are interested in the languages, literature, history, folklore, music, art and archaeology of ancient, medieval, and modern Celtic cultures.

We have members interested in Wales, Ireland, Scotland, Brittany, Cornwall, the Isle of Man, and the continental Celts. Many of us are concerned not only with Celtic cultures in themselves, but also with their interactions with other people and their representation to the rest of the world. With over two hundred members in the United States, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Europe, Australia and Japan, CSANA offers unparalleled opportunities for discussion of any and all topics in Celtic Studies. Although most of our meetings are held in university settings, CSANA membership is open to anyone with a serious interest in Celtic Studies.


Founded in 1976, CSANA is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization. Each spring, we sponsor a three-day conference that is held in different locations across North America. We also sponsor sessions each year at the International Congress of Medieval Studies in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and we maintain close ties to the University of California Celtic Colloquium and the Harvard Celtic Colloquium, as well as to the International Congress of Celtic Studies.

CSANA also produces a journal, The North American Journal of Celtic Studies, published by The Ohio State University Press. NAJCS, which appears twice a year, provides a forum for publication across all disciplines and all time periods that bear upon Celtic studies. Yearly membership to CSANA is conferred through subscription to the journal, which is administered by Johns Hopkins University Press.

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Benefits of membership also include the twice-a-year CSANA Newsletter, the CSANA Bibliography, reduced prices on Irish Texts Society publications, and access to our online discussion group, CSANA-L, which provides a forum for the exchange of information, queries and research, and for the announcement of conferences and seminars.

Executive Committee

President Patrick Wadden, Belmont Abbey College
Vice President Jessica Hemming, Corpus Christi College
Secretary-Treasurer Charlene Eska, Virginia Tech
Members-At-Large Brian Stone, Indiana State University
Cameron Wachowich, University of Toronto
Brendan Kane, University of Connecticut
Bibliographer Karen Burgess, UCLA
Executive Bibliographer Joseph F. Nagy, Harvard University
Newsletter Editor Jimmy P. Miller, Temple University
Journal Editor Joseph F. Eska, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Past-President Michael Meckler, Ohio State University
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