Celtic Studies Association of North America (CSANA)




Subject Heading



The following subject headings are currently incorporated into the CSANA bibliography data base.  These headings (or any portion thereof) may be used as keywords when searching the bibliography to retrieve all entries relevant to a specific subject area.  Searches in many categories can be further delimited by country, for example: "XII.A. History, Ireland" or "XIV. Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Culture, Brittany."


I. Festschriften, Proceedings, and Collected Essays

II. Bibliographical and Manuscript Studies

III. Linguistics and Comparative Philology

IV. Gaulish and Continental Celtic

V. Hiberno-Latin and British Latin

VI.A. Irish Language

VI.B. Irish Literature  (also VI.B. Irish Literature, Poetry)

VII.A. Scottish Gaelic Language

VII.B. Scottish Gaelic Literature

VIII.A. Manx Language

IX.A. Welsh Language

IX.B. Welsh Literature  (also IX.B. Welsh Literature, Poetry)

X.A. Cornish Language

X.B. Cornish Literature

XI.A. Breton Language

XI.B. Breton and Breton-Latin Literature

XII.A. History (includes general history, ethnography, annals)

XII.B. Biography (includes Family History and Genealogy)

XII.C. Church History and Hagiography

XII.L. Law

XII.OB. Obituaries

XIII. Art and Archaeology (includes Architecture)

XIV. Folklore, Mythology, and Popular Culture 

XIV.AT. Arthurian Tradition

XIV.M. Music

XIV.N. Name Lore (includes placenames, surnames, nicknames)

XV. The Profession

XVI. Reviews of Periodicals